There is a unique pain that comes from preparing your heart for a child that never comes.” ~David Platt

As we approach Infertility Awareness month in October, where we celebrate the courageous couples who have walked the walk and come out strong on the other side; we also remember those who are on their journey of trying to conceive. This book aims to bring them information, knowledge, hope and the strength to continue to fulfil their desire to fill the cot.

With such a taboo subject across many cultures and religions, Mandy and Bradly Petrus co-author a book on their Journey with Infertility, called Believe Again, A Journey of Hope, where they highlight from a male and female perspective their 7 year wait for Baby Seth.

They too suffered loss during this time, along with a battery of tests, trials and their own emotional rollercoaster. In their book they share their torture, shame and hope of being parents from the bedroom to the many doctors’ rooms.

In recent studies, it is said that one in eight couples are trying to conceive, and they were one of those eight, with a strong desire to come out on the other side of the story with something worthy to encourage those who are still stuck in that statistic.

Bradly Petrus is a 40 year old health and wellness enthusiast and fitness coach. He also has 19 years’ work experience in the medical scheme and managed healthcare industry. Bradly wears many hats and he did not allow the stigma of male infertility to become one of them. His wife, Mandy, is a 41 year old public speaker who openly shares her struggles with trying to conceive and hosts a social media campaign called “#believeagain” which provides hope and encourages couples to keep seeking answers to their infertility. Together they speak of their journey from both perspectives, covering topics such as health, diet, sex, the shame of barrenness as well as a compilation of other couples journeys.

They sought out medical advice from various specialists and only found answers five years into their journey and when they took the final decision to go the IVF route because time was against them, they found themselves already pregnant at their first appointment – how could this be?

The desire with this book is to inform, educate and bring hope to those still walking their journey. Brandy (Brad and Mandy) offer a keynote presentation that will help couples overcome the stigma of barrenness, get people talking with sincerity and assist couples with overcoming their emotional hurdles.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I Am really looking forward to reading this. Having had fertility issues myself, being told that we were wasting time and money trying to fall pregnant. I remember crying one day cause our neighbors dog was pregnant, I clearly remember how I felt like less than, not a real woman, broken.. so thank you in advance for writing this book. God’s blessings on you and your beautiful family.

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