I’ve always been the type to take matters into my own hands. And by matters I mean my hair.

I know…. what kind of “girl” am I, right?

Little did I know that maintenance at a professional salon would be a life changing experience.

Ofcorse I’ve been to salons, but there’s a huge difference between a professional salon and a salon. Spot the difference. In my lifetime I’ve been to a number of these salons and didn’t actually realise that the products that they used weren’t professional. Or if they were, which happened on the odd occasion, they weren’t being used correctly. I also maintained my hair at home using all types of homemade remedies I’d whip together after watching YouTube videos. My realisation was that eggs and avo makes for a much better as a breakfast than it does as a hair treatment.

Long story short, I’ve been botched a few times and received a few “chemical” cuts as my favourite stylist likes to call it. But I didn’t notice what terrible condition my hair was in until my eye opening experience at Paul Mitchell Bryanston.

It was such a breath of fresh air. Everything about it made me realise that I had been doing it all wrong all these years. From the welcoming stylists, to the ambiance and their work ethic. Not to mention their unending offer of delicious cappuccinos. I was literally blown away to say the least.

Since we’re moving into Spring, I wanted something vibrant and light. My fave Stylist Bianca Pienaar at Paul Mitchell Bryanston suggested an Ombre hair colour, which is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends,  and that’s precisely what we did.

Let me give you the rundown of what was done to my hair.

  1. The new ColorXG by Paul Mitchell was used for the entire process. First off, level 6 was applied to the roots using a freehand method.
  2. Level 6 ColorXG was painted onto the mid-lengths using the same technique.
  3. ColorXG platinum high lift mixed with Olaplex was applied to the ends.
  4. Finally, Olaplex treatment was applied all over. This is an absolute MUST for blondes! Olaplex protects hair from chemical damage and is a literal miracle worker.

And that was that! Bianca blow dried my hair like a rock star and gave it a bit of a bounce and I honestly can say it was the most immaculate hair dressing experience I’ve ever had.

Thanks to Paul Mitchell Bryanston for making my hair worth flipping!

Have you ever been botched? Don’t be shy to share your experience below.


  1. Your hair looks so stunning! I’m thinking of going lighter again and will definitely keep Paul Mitchell in mind !

    1. Thanks friend. You should definitely. Check out their page-tons of specials! I think light hair would look good on you, and its a nice summer change. xx

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