I appreciate that I have met a bunch of contrasting people in my life. Each played a monumental role in molding me into the person I am today. I’ve met people who have a relaxed outlook on life and others who enjoy the whirl and hustle that comes with it. I have noticed how some have a very figured out work life balance, while others tend to focus a bit less on work and more on family time. To me, none of these lifestyles are correct nor incorrect. Sure I personally agree more with the relaxed outlook on life with a stronger focus on family, but everyone is different.  What I think actually matters the most is that each and every moment lived is lived to the fullest, without hesitation and the fear of others’ perceptions.

As flawed human beings, we are so often concerned about what others may think of us that we lose touch with who we are, what makes us happy and what actually matters to us. Often times we become so fixated with being accepted that we lose our sense of self psychologically in an effort to please everyone else, except ourselves.

I know how it feels to get lost in the turmoil of life and I’m sure you do too. We’ve all been in situations where we couldn’t be our true selves and live in the moment because of unfavorable factors. But my question is, “Is this living?”

Sure, we’ve all heard the saying, “life is short, live it to the fullest”, but do we actually do this on the daily?

The interpretation is so diverse. While some might think living life to the fullest relates to temporary moments of pleasure such as traveling more, some believe it’s connected to working harder in an effort to retire younger, and others might think it means spending more time with the people that they love.

Yes, living life to the fullest certainly involves travel to experience new things, but it most definitely isn’t a requirement. Having a full schedule and living life of routine may be fulfilling to some but it is also not living life to the fullest. And I sure hope we’re on the same page when I say hitting the club during the week and partying it up on the weekends is most definitely not living life to the fullest (If it is, then you’re too young to read this blog bro).

I believe that living life to the fullest means reaching new experiences that push you to grow. When you grow, and your growth has a positive impact on others, that’s when living life becomes maximised.

Even more, living life to the fullest means being present in each and every moment, whether good or bad. It means soaking up every single experience, celebrating each breath and seizing each day. It means being true to yourself, being undeniably you and not being subject to other people’s opinions.

Each of us were put on this earth to lead different lives and follow different paths. If how you choose to live your life and each moment of it isn’t accepted by your neighbour, pay no heed to it. Your neighour isn’t going to make you happy and give you the fulling life you deserve- that’s your job.

Whatever your definition of “live life to the fullest”, just remember, “In each and every moment we’re composing stories of our lives- let’s aim to make it a meaningful read”.

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