As you all may know, the word’s most popular reality dating show hit South African borders late last year. MNet 101 aired the infamous Bachelor in February and as we all expected, the reality love obsessed show was an absolute hit! With 24 stunning ladies (excuse my vanity), I anticipated nothing less.

Being chosen as one of the 24 ladies was such an exhilarating moment for me. I found out that the show was coming to South Africa at the end of July 2018 when my mom whatsapped the link to me. I had been single for a decent year and a half at the time, and thought why not take the chance at finding love and enter? Not to mention, I had been watching The Bachelor since the age of 16 and have always been a HUGE fan (still am). So that’s exactly what I did. The next morning, I sprung at the opportunity, took the plunge and entered South Africa’s very first season of The Bachelor.

Entering got me extremely excited, but after weeks of no feedback I eventually forgot about it. Until one day, approximately 4 weeks post entering, I got a call; “Hi Taryn, this is so and so from The Bachelor SA, do you have a few minutes to chat?”  Needless to say, it all went downhill from there (just kidding). But this is how the short-lived adventure began.

The audition process was quite extensive. After “passing a telephonic interview”, I was interviewed by MNet’s production team. The theme for the face-to-face interview/ audition was “date night” and was in front of a camera (not intimidating at all). I may or may not have walked out of the interview with sweat patches under my arms. After the audition, I felt pretty confident, but all was confirmed a week later when I was called back for the final audition- a panel interview conducted by the Rapid Blue and MNet team. Again, I thought I nailed it but as with job interviews and most things in life, I didn’t want to bet my money on it. Days passed and I still hadn’t heard from them. Eventually I had made peace with not making it onto the show and thought that at least I tried and gave it my all. And then, “it” happened! I got a call and confirmation at the beginning of September that I had made onto the the very first season of The Bachelor South Africa!  My emotions literally hit the roof. I called my mom, my sister who lives in Johannesburg, my sister who was in the Bahamas at the time and my sister from another mister living all the way in Norway. I freaked out! I mean, who wouldn’t right?

The process got very serious after the excitement of receiving the good news. All contestants were required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) which permitted us not to tell a soul that we were chosen to be a part of the show (family did not fall part of this category in my eyes).  We also have to undergo medicals which consisted of STD tests, as well as psychological examinations. The next few weeks consisted of shopping, going to the gym, dieting, and glamorous dress fittings at the simply divine “Just Tonight Josephine” with Lynn and her delightful assistant Bryce.

Anyway, getting back to it, all was fine and dandy in the land of Taryn Champion. I was super-duper excited and even more ecstatic when South Africa’s first ever bachelor was revealed. I also may or may not have bought a whole new wardrobe for the show, with the obvious expectation of lasting well past the first rose ceremony (insert LOL here).

Although short lived, there is so much to share. I’ll tell you more about the day I met Lee and the lovely 23 ladies in my next 30something blog post.

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  1. As much as I had anxiety to the max at this risk you were taking it was a wonderful experience. One day you will look back and have the most amazing memories to share. I look forward to more exciting adventures :). You make me proud 24/7.

  2. I believed you when you said you got your nails done for a bachelorette party 🤣 the truth was so much more exciting 🤩 you were my fave 🌹

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